Quadra 4
Automated Liquid Handling Station

With over 40 years of experience in automated liquid handling, the TomtecQuadra4 is the latest of a best in class rugged, cost effective liquid handling workstation for life science work-flows. The workstation is engineered around a reliable fixed-head air displacement syringe design which services a six station shuttle. The six stations can support a wide range of accessories for automating complex work-loads like solid phase extraction (SPE), and an optional plate-stacker can be used to queue up to 50 assays. With an easy to learn, user friendly graphical interface, the Quadra4 delivers unprecedented speed, flexibility, and precision.


Quadra 4
Automated Liquid Handling Station

  • 450uL tips with a cannula to access deep well plates
  • Manual or automated vacuum box
  • Stacker in-feed/out-feed for microplates and reservoirs provides walk away automation
  • Six station shuttle to support multiple microplates and reservoirs
  • SPE Liquid/Liquid extraction, optional positive pressure SPE
  • Ultrasonic tip washing
  • A wide range of accessories and options


  • Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Temperature: 5-40℃
  • Humidity: 20%-90%


High throughput screening for NME, solid phase extraction, Sandwich ELISA, drug testing, Genomic-sample preparation and PCR