CHRONECT Symbiosis
Workstations Online SPE-UHPLC-MS

CHRONECT Symbiosis Workstations are designed as user-friendly complete solutions for online solid phase extractions in front of LC or LCMS analysis. They consist of a flexible and reliable autosampler for sample preparation and injection, the powerful SPE technology from Spark Holland for solid phase extraction and a superior UHPLC system for analysis controlled by the sophisticated software platform CHRONOS by Axel Semrau®.


CHRONECT Symbiosis
Workstations Online SPE-UHPLC-MS

  • On-line automatic process saves time and improves analysis throughput
  • System durability, low sample carryover
  • Direct injection of complex matrix samples
  • Traceability and compliance are better
  • High accuracy, high sensitivity, high reproducibility
  • Parallel SPE mode reduces MS standby time
  • Fast SPE method development
  • Extend the service life of LC-MS-MS systems and reduce maintenance costs

Working principle

This machine is ideal as a starting system for the full automation of sample preparation and LC-MS analysis. There is only a minimum of manual sample preparation needed and full traceability of the sample prep coupled to the MS data. As a built-in tool you can flush the SPE cartridges and elute the cartridges to the LC column, cleaning up your sample as much as needed and minimizing the sample elution volume and time. 




  • Autosampler: PAL3 LSI, 1 tray plate with 3 racks (VT54: racks for 3x54 2 mL vials)
  • High Pressure Dispenser: Accurate flow and volume delivery.
  • Automatic Cartridge Exchange: Pressure up to 1000bar.
  • SPH1299™ UHPLC gradient pump (binary gradient): Operating Pressure up to 18850 psi (1300 bar). High pressure solvent mix for accurate LC high pressure gradient elution.


Food safety, environmental monitoring, drug development, clinical diagnosis,pharmacology and toxicology analysis.