Symbiosis™ PICO
Online SPE-LC System

Liquid chromatography has been widely used in food safety, drug development, clinical diagnosis, toxicology, and environmental monitoring. The sample preparation required for sample complexity often becomes a bottleneck for analysis speed, sensitivity, and analytical reproducibility. Spark Holland is the only manufacturer in the world that can achieve true online SPE with LC. Symboosis PICO is suitable for all kinds of users who need to perform sample preparation, concentration and purification online.


Symbiosis™  PICO
Online SPE-LC System

  • On-line automatic process saves time and improves analysis throughput
  • System durability, low sample carryover
  • Direct injection of complex matrix samples
  • Traceability and compliance are better
  • High accuracy, high sensitivity, high reproducibility
  • Parallel SPE mode reduces MS standby time
  • Fast SPE method development
  • Extend the service life of LC-MS-MS systems and reduce maintenance costs

Working principle

The SymbiosisTM analysis platform consists of a high-capacity sample chamber, an autosampler, a LC pump, a automated cartridge exchange unit, and a high pressure dispenser. In the XLC/MS analysis mode, the sample is loaded onto the activated SPE cartridge via valve switching. After the solid phase extraction, the entire amount was eluted on-line to an LC analytical column, followed by liquid phase separation and mass spectrometry analysis.




  • Autosampler: The multiple solvent rinse steps and flow path design ensure no residue, no adsorption, and minimal sensitivity.
  • High Pressure Dispenser: Accurate flow and volume delivery.
  • Automatic Cartridge Exchange: Pressure up to 300.
  • High Pressure Binary LC Pumps: Operating Pressure up to 18000 psi (1240 bars). High pressure solvent mix for accurate LC high pressure gradient elution


Food safety, environmental monitoring, drug development, clinical diagnosis,pharmacology and toxicology analysis.